Photography by Linda A. Rossell


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While at work on afternoon during my bluebird box checks, I happened to spot a butterfly in the meadow.  It looked like it had just emerged from its chrysalis because its wings were still wrinkled and soft.  I have difficult differentiating the two, but I’m fairly certain it’s either a spicebush swallowtail or a black swallowtail.  I know I don’t get to see fresh butterflies in the wild like this, so it was pretty cool for me!DSC_0687


Mystery Insect

I don’t know why I really like this photo.  It’s not exciting, or especially well composed.  Something about it is just cool to me.  I’m not an entomologist by any means, so if anyone happens to know what kind of insect this is, please feel free to educate me!! 🙂DSC_0612

Bridge in the Forest


This is just a simple bridge over a little stream in one of my favorite parks in Delaware.  Probably one of the quietest places in the area too.  Sadly, even though it looks nice and lush and green, it’s surrounded by invasive plants, mostly multiflora rose.  Sigh.  The bane of my existence!

Daisy and fly

I was walking through my favorite park one afternoon, and saw a small cluster of some non-native oxeye daisies.  They’re pretty nonetheless, and this particular flower happened to have some kind of flower fly pollinating it.  One of the prettiest flies I’ve seen in while!


Oxeye Daisy

Through the Leaves

So today, my boss told me to finish up the project I was working on this morning, then go take photos because it was such a nice day.  I didn’t argue!  Definitely went on a photo binge today and it was fun.  I took lots of flower shots, but I happened to like this non-flower photo the best.  I didn’t use a star filter or anything, the leaves did that all on their own!  I’m really trying to improve my “scenic” skills…. definitely still need work! 🙂DSC_0993

Pastel Skies

I am someone who posts photos in spurts.  I do a lot at once, instead of keeping up with it on a regular basis.  That’s just how I operate, I suppose!  This is the last photo I will post for the day… it’s one of my favorite sunrise shots from my old job.  A little hazy, a little orange…. it was a perfect sunrise to me!DSC_0055